NASA Facing Lawsuit From NAACP Claiming “Black Hole” Is Racist

It amazing

Spin Atlantic

black holeIn an open public letter, NAACP President Benjamin Todd is pressuring NASA to rename Black Holes – claiming that the term is racist and politically incorrect. This movement is being echoed by senior members of Congress including Illinois Senator Dick Durban.

“I’ve been working closely with Mr. Todd over the past few years, and we think it’s time for some serious change in the science community.” Dick began. “Together with the NAACP and a coalition of Washington politicians, we are fighting for change. We need to rename this object to something that does not perpetuate the same racial undertones American youths have been forced to endure while trying to better themselves within our education system.”

“We are African-Americans” Mr. Todd added during the press conference. “And I will not be bullied by scientists who think they can judge me by the color of my skin”.

The pair claim that renaming…

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