Researchers Designed Soil Water sensor

Interactive telecommunications researchers designed soil water sensor device that can allow a house plant to communicate with its owner. HumiditySensorsl5










The device can send short messages to mobile phone or, to use the service called Twitter, you can send an SMS to the Internet.
Messages can range from reminding water plant, thank or warning that over or under watered it. Communicate; probes into the soil emit electric waves.

Voltage based on the moisture level is sent through two wires to the circuit board which compares the optimum moisture level and one now. Local network receives this data and allows the plant to send messages through the device.

One thought on “Researchers Designed Soil Water sensor

  1. Ni kifaa kizuri sana, lakini mtu anaweza kukipata si kinaweza kuwa ghari sana.. tunashukuru kwa makala yenu!


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