Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 18, 2013

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

Windows’ secret GodMode;  The 50 best tech products of 2013;  Two  months of Skype group calling – free;  Block Facebook’s Annoying New Autoplay Video;  Microsoft trims prices on Xbox 360 games;  How to migrate your free SugarSync account;  Free NAPS2 makes documents scans easier;  SHUT UP on the plane!  Chromebook 11 chargers recalled;  India to launch ‘Netra’ for online surveillance;  PC Browsing Loses to App-Happy Mobile Users.

Easily find far-flung customization options with Windows’ secret GodMode – Like putting a personal touch on your PCs? Enter GodMode—a handy, hidden folder well-known to IT pros who want to quickly get at a wide range of customization options on the desktop, but one few everyday users know about. Whether you want to adjust your monitor’s resolution, tweak your folder options, or customize your taskbar’s notification area, it’s all a single click away in GodMode.

Microsoft is giving…

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