3RDi is a Headband that puts a Camera On YOUR FOREHEAD

Capturing your action-packed life with a GoPro strapped to your head is neither the most comfortable experience, nor is it exactly high fashion. Well, aiming to address two two issues (and sort of succeeding with the first), a company called 3RDiTEK has come up with the 3RDi camera.


The device is a headband with a built-in camera module on the front. It pairs via Bluetooth with a smartphone, where it offloads its footage, and is operated with touch controls on the frame – tap for a still image, slide to start a video recording.

Video is where the 3RDi (get it, “third eye”?) is aimed, as it’s resolution is only 1080p, so at this point you can forget about high-res photos. The early prototypes are still rather basic, but future 3RDi’s will have a microSD port, a flash and a mic, and more stylish design, company founder says.

3RDiTEK is funding its idea on Indiegogo, with early backers getting the thing at a bargain $194 price, compared to its eventual $400 retail price tag. Don’t get too excited though, as the 3RDi won’t start shipping until Q4 2016, a full year from now.
Source by gsmarena. com

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